TE Zach Gentry, Michigan

6’8” – 265 lbs. – 4.90
Did not play as a freshman, but appeared in seven games as a sophomore. Worked his way into the offense as a junior, posting 17-303-2, then followed that up with a 32-514-2 line as a senior to conclude his collegiate career. Has rare height for the position; weight is also on the high end, but is so tall he actually appears somewhat thin, especially in the lower body. Moved around the formation on a regular basis; took snaps as an inline option, H-Back, and receiver, in roughly that order of frequency. Does a good job of making his releases for passing routes look similar to blocks in order to get to the second level. Not a very fast or explosive targets; ran a lot of crossing patterns and essentially served as a safety valve, making himself available for checkdowns on delayed releases. Runs through his routes high and lacks suddenness to create separation against man coverage; does most of his work against zones. When targeted, offers a wide catch radius and pretty impressive body control, although he struggled with drops at times. Fights for additional yardage after the catch but struggles to get low and doesn’t have great leg drive, tending to get stood up. Had pretty extensive blocking responsibilities, and plays with a physical, hard-working temperament. Was occasionally retained in pass protection, with the team feeling confident enough in his blocking to leave him on islands against opposing defensive ends. Demonstrates pretty accurate hand placement and adequate mirroring skills. In the run game, was asked to come in motion and cut off pursuers on the backside, line up on the line of scrimmage and try to seal opposing defensive ends inside, and climb up to the second level and engage defenders. However, grip strength is average, struggling to sustain through the whistle; falls off of more blocks than he should. Ability to line up and successfully engage defenders suffers with distance, leading to whiffs in space. Offers excellent size and roughly two years of starting experience playing for a major program which asked him to execute some different blocking responsibilities while also being fairly well-integrated into the passing game, but who is not really a dynamic athlete or an excellent blocker, and will consequently probably be more of a reserve/goal-line type of option at the next level. That could be enough to get him a spot in the mid-to-late-rounds of the draft.

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