WR AJ Brown, Mississippi*

6’1” – 226 lbs. – 4.49
Started one game as a freshman, finishing with 29-412-2, then broke out the following year with a 75-1,252-11 line. Was able to replicate that success as a junior (85-1,320-6) before declaring for the draft. Previously drafted by the Padres and attended their spring training. Very thickly-built receiver with adequate height for a pro receiver. Splits his time pretty evenly between the outside and the slot; might project a little bit better inside at the next level. Runs routes to all three levels of the field, but his game is is predicated on producing at the short to intermediate level on curls, and crossing/in routes. Also runs a lot of whip patterns, out routes, and at times also positions himself for screens in Mississippi’s package-based offense. Long-strider who was given a lot of free releases. Not one of the fastest receivers in the class; may struggle to uncover downfield at the next level, which could be a problem because it allows corners to sit on his shorter patterns. Looks better when he’s working the middle of the field on in routes and other patterns which give him a chance to gain yards after the catch. Has just enough snap at the route stem to create windows for anticipatory throws, doing a good job of working back to the ball. Capable of battling through physical coverage through the stem. Reliable hands catcher who doesn’t have the widest radius but can snatch the ball away from his frame. Impressive ability to come down with passes in tight coverage, something which may be important given his average speed. One of the hardest-running receivers in the class, with the ability to put his head down and fight through defenders for additional yardage; can be a handful for opposing cornerbacks to bring down on an island, and is rarely brought down by the first defender. Works a nice-looking stiff-arm into his game. Willing to get physical as a blocker, but doesn’t sustain his effort through the snap on a consistent basis; has the type of frame and strength to develop into a quality blocker with time. Highly-productive receiver who’s a little bit reminiscent of late-career Dez Bryant, being a thickly-built receiver who plays with physicality and is a handful to bring down after the catch, but who struggles to gain consistent separation, forcing him to make catches in tight traffic against man coverage.

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