WR Anthony Johnson, Buffalo

6’2” – 209 lbs. – N/A
Cousin is Jadeveon Clowney. Originally attended Butler Community College, then transferred to Iowa Western Community College before arriving at Buffalo, where he redshirted in 2016. Became a full-time starter the following season and enjoyed a highly productive 76-1,356-14 year, then 57-1,011-11. Possesses a solid combination of height, bulk, and length for a pro receiver. Takes snaps both inside and outside and on both sides of the formation; was also brought in tight to block in some rushing/screen situations. Able to release at the line of scrimmage against press-man, with choppy footwork. Sinks his hips and gets good snap at the route stem to create throwing windows. Runs a lot of shorter patterns (ins, slants, whip routes, drags, etc.) and maintains inside position to shield defenders from the ball. Has strong hands to stop the ball on contact; capable of bringing in passes away from his frame, making the most of his physical attributes. Can handle contact at the catch point. Strong runner after the catch; able to run through arm tackles or make defenders miss, with the vision to recognize cutback opportunities and make something out of nothing. Struggled to gain separation down the field versus man coverage during the games reviewed, getting carried downfield by opposing cornerbacks too easily. However, despite often being well-covered down the field, was actually a better deep-ball receiver than anticipated, bringing in a lot of passes while blanketed by opposing defensive backs. Does require quarterbacks to trust him to win without actually seeing him open. Generally a pretty competitive blocker who does a good job of engaging opponents, getting his arms extended, and working to sustain through the whistle. Would like to see more consistent focus as a blocker, and more of an effort to sell routes on rushing downs; starts to watch the play too early, allowing cornerbacks to get involved. Dealt with some injuries this past season (leg, arm) which will require further examination. A big, strong receiver who can work the middle of the field and produce on throws underneath the defense, with reliable hands and the ability to run hard and pick up yards after the catch, he might be more of a slot receiver at the next level given his struggles to uncover against man coverage downfield, but he does enough things well to draw interest even in a crowded receiver class.

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