WR Emanuel Hall, Missouri

6’2” – 201 lbs. – 4.39
Caught eight balls as a true freshman, then posted 19-307-2 the following year before carving out a more substantial role as a junior, establishing himself as a deep threat (33-817-8). Put together a very similar senior season to conclude his career (37-828-6). Tall, lanky split end with a thin build; lined up almost exclusively on the left side of the offense. Downfield target who forces teams to respect his long speed and uses the threat of going vertical to set up other variations on shorter routes. Very good athlete; looks fast, fluid, and flexible. Gets up to speed quickly and does a good job of eating cushions when presented with off-man; didn’t see a lot of snaps where opponents got physical with him at the line of scrimmage, but that may be an effective way to defend against him. Overall tree is a little bit limited; a lot of go routes down the sideline, with some posts, deep ins and outs, etc. mixed in. Wasn’t really asked to run a lot of shorter routes or work the middle with much regularity, but still managed to average the most yards-per-target among eligible receivers in this year’s class. Flashes the ability to snap off routes at the stem and create room to work. Seemed to be able to develop good chemistry with his quarterback, catching passes in stride, but also offers a wide catch radius on throws away from his frame. Good body control to adjust to low throws or passes behind his frame. Has a finesse approach to the game and is not the most reliable receiver in traffic, nor was he asked to absorb hits and make difficult catches through contact over the middle of the field. Doesn’t have the type of bulk or strength to shield defenders from the ball, and seemed to have some trouble with concentration when there was an opponent in the area. A little bit lackluster as a blocker; doesn’t have great function strength, and also needs to improve his effort level in order to sustain through the whistle. Often appears content to make some perfunctory contact and then check out what’s going on. Dealt with some injuries this past year which will require further evaluation. Might be relegated to the mid-rounds because of his somewhat one-dimensional game and health questions, but he has the height, length, and speed to potentially draw some interest at the end of the second day if everything checks out medically.

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