WR Kelvin Harmon, North Carolina St.*

6’3” – 221 lbs. – 4.60
Born in Liberia and moved to the United States as a child. Has been a contributor since his freshman season, in which he posted 27-462-5. Broke out the following year with a line of 69-1,017-4, and then put together an even better junior campaign (81-1,186-7) before declaring for the draft. Very well-built split-end prospect who tended to line up on the right side of the formation; excellent combination of size, length, and bulk. Plays the game with competitiveness and physicality. Was targeted on a lot of back-shoulder throws, comebacks, curls, and hitches; not as much work over the middle of the field, running some short-ins and positioning himself for screens on package plays. Able to fight through physicality at the line of scrimmage, with choppy footwork and the strength to mix it up. Gets up to speed quickly and can eat up cushions when presented with off-coverage. Sinks his hips into breaks and does a good job of using his frame to shield defenders from the ball. Aggressive at the catch point, doing a good job of working back to the ball. Demonstrates impressive flexibility/body control to adjust to poorly-thrown balls. Reliable hands-catcher with a wide radius by virtue of his size, length, and leaping ability; hands have stopping power and looks comfortable snatching away from his frame. Good focus when making catches in tight coverage. Makes a lot of his catches near the sidelines and exhibits awareness of the sideline and the presence-of-mind to get his feet down inbounds. Most of his routes are at the intermediate or short level (in that order of frequency) but looked like a deep threat during the games reviewed, relying more on technique than pure speed. Uses head fakes, alters his speed, and works double-moves in to create separation, and showed he’s capable of making an outside release, keeping opposing corners in his hip pocket, and tracking the ball over his shoulder downfield. Sells the sluggo well. Was an important part of the team’s run game as well; takes his responsibilities seriously. Very good blocker who is able to stalk and successfully engage opposing corners, get his arms extended, and work through the whistle to seal them off from the play and drive them off of their spots. One of the most complete receivers in this year’s draft class, offering an excellent combination of size, focus, body control, and toughness. First-round talent who may slip to the second after a disappointing Combine.

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