WR Marquise Brown, Oklahoma*

5’9” – 166 lbs. – N/A
Cousin is star receiver Antonio Brown; nickname is “Hollywood”. Originally attended junior college for one season, then transferred to Oklahoma. Started eight of thirteen games played the following year, leading Oklahoma in receiving with 57-1,095-7, then put together a 75-1,318-10 year before declaring for the draft. Shrimpy Sooners slot receiver, the latest in a long line of impressive prospects from the program; also takes plenty of snaps on the outside, but will be viewed as an inside option at the pro level because of his slight frame. Runs a pretty full complement of routes to different levels of the field, primarily working within ten yards of the line of scrimmage in an Oklahoma offense famous for brilliant play designs aimed at giving their receivers room to run after the catch. Forced some defensive backs to respect his speed and play off, but looks surprisingly effective when it comes to his ability to release at the line, using his suddenness to slip past defenders who crowd him. Does a good job of getting separation and working back to the ball; diet is heavy on hitches, curls, and comebacks. Also crosses over the field and gets a lot of opportunities to gain yards after the catch, navigating through picks; very difficult to stick with as he drags across. Not purely an underneath option; also draws some targets near the sidelines and further down the field. Has enough speed to uncover deep, working in some stutter-steps and changing speeds to freeze high safeties; most likely to be targeted on deep posts instead of down the sidelines. Length constrains his catch radius, but has pretty reliable hands and is capable of bringing in passes away from his frame; did let a couple of passes get slapped out of his hands by defenders during the games reviewed. Dangerous with the ball in his hands, getting upfield quickly and maximizing opportunities to weave through traffic for additional gains; good vision and moves to find lanes and make defenders miss. Works to sustain as a blocker, with arm extension and a willingness to engage; makes the most of his physical attributes. A dynamic receiver in a small, thin frame; does just about everything well and makes the most of his skillset, but will face the typical questions about durability, how he’ll release at the line against physical cornerbacks, and whether he has any value as a flanker.


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