WR N’Keal Harry, Arizona St.*

6’2” – 228 lbs. – 4.53
Was born in the Caribbean and moved to the United States as a child. Has been a major contributor since his freshman season, one in which he posted 58-659-5. Followed that up with seasons of 82-1,142-8 and 73-1,088-9 before deciding to declare for the draft. Tall, long-limbed, and well-built receiver with a somewhat unorthodox stance. Lines up both inside and outside, typically to the left side of the formation. Runs a lot of shorter patterns such as hitches, screens, and slants that he curls off once he gets to the middle of the field, with a generous amount of sideline throws sprinkled in. Able to handle physicality at the line of scrimmage. Doesn’t have a lot of snap to his routes but mitigates it by coming down with more than his share of 50-50 balls. Offers a wide radius because of his length and leaping ability, but catch technique looks a little bit awkward at times. Good focus when working in traffic; able to bring in throws in tight coverage down the sidelines. Wasn’t asked to run too many sideline routes but flashes good awareness and body control near the boundary. Good runner after the catch, with the strength to run through arm tackles and the speed to break big runs once he gets into space. Works in the stiff-arm and was often fed the ball on screens and other short patterns designed to give him opportunities to create. Very good vision to recognize cutback lanes. Also took a handful of reverses each season. Not much of a threat to separate downfield; defenders are able to sit on his double-moves and recover to provide tight coverage down the sidelines. Rewards trust-based throws more often than average but quarterbacks may not be able to see him get open before throwing the ball. Effort as a stalk blocker looks inconsistent. Doesn’t tend to engage and sustain as often as he should; clearly has the frame to develop into a quality blocker and flashes the ability to drive his legs and create movement, but finishes too many snaps looking on as runners are tackled by the defenders he was responsible for blocking. A jump-ball weapon with impressive size, body control, and flexibility, and who is also one of the best creators after the catch in this year’s receiver class. However, requires a little bit more imagination than most top receiver prospects because of a somewhat simplistic route tree and overall offensive role.

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