WR Penny Hart, Georgia St.*

5’8” – 180 lbs. – N/A
Burst onto the scene in his first season at Georgia St., catching 71-1,099-8, then missed nearly all of the 2016 season after sustaining a broken foot. Came back to go 74-1,121-8 the following year, then managed just 49-669-2 in 2018. Did not receive a Combine invite but impressed at the Senior Bowl. An undersized receiver, but who lined up both inside and outside at the college level; pro future will come on the inside. Often came in motion pre-snap for rushing attempts or as window-dressing. At his best when he’s able to work against off-coverage, showing his impressive acceleration. High-energy route-runner who sinks his hips, retains his speed into and out of breaks, and snaps off his patterns at the stem. Good competitiveness and footwork to release at the line against press-man. Ran patterns to all three levels of the field; looks best when he’s able to take advantage of off-coverage and do some work underneath the defense. Has good but not elite top-end speed; ran a lot of downfield patterns, but they were often on double-moves and he struggled to get separation down the field against faster corners during the games reviewed. Hands look solid for a smaller receiver, flashing the ability to pluck the ball away from his frame. Adjusts very well to bad throws and exhibits excellent body control. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder and demonstrates good concentration at the catch point in coverage, but dropped some of the easy ones. However, doesn’t have the size, length, or strength to represent an ideal option for contested throws, so his ability to create windows with route-running will be important. Capable of creating after the catch, with impressive back-jukes and change-of-direction skills to make the first man miss and pick up additional yardage. Also fed the ball in the screen game to try and give him an opportunity to make something happen, and functioned as the team’s punt returner. Obviously undersized but gives good effort as a blocker and isn’t afraid to mix it up with opposing defensive backs; the team often ran outside runs toward his side of the field. Actually able to generate some impressive pop on contact. One of the more likable receiver prospects in this year’s class, he has a small frame but plays with a lot of competitiveness and physicality which helps offset his size limitations; furthermore, he is an explosive mover and solid route-runner, traits which should allow him to come off the board by the mid-rounds despite his small-school pedigree.

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