WR Riley Ridley, Georgia*

6’1” – 199 lbs. – 4.58
Brother is Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley. Played sparingly over his first two seasons with the Bulldogs, going 12-238-2 and 14-218-2 before stepping into the starting lineup and posting 43-559-9 this past season, whereupon he decided to forego his senior season and declare for the draft. Has solid height for a pro receiver, with a slightly top-heavy build. Tended to line up as a flanker to the right side of Georgia’s formations, but would also slide into the slot at times too. Wasn’t really used as a volume receiver at Georgia, doing a lot of work to clear out underneath routes for teammates. Sudden at the line of scrimmage, doing a good job of releasing at the line against press-man. Long-strider who can eat cushions quickly against off-man. Runs routes to different levels of the field; looks best when he’s getting an inside release and working over the middle of the field, but runs patterns down the sidelines as well. Able to settle into soft spots over the middle in zone, running crossing routes to different depths. Sells well at the stem with head-fakes and snap at the route stem. Has solid speed but ability to uncover down the field is predicated more on route-running, using double-moves to freeze defenders and create opportunities; not quite fast enough to blow by opponents down the sidelines on go routes. Able to track the ball, with a solid catch radius and soft hands. Impressive overall flexibility. A strong runner after the catch, with good agility to make defenders miss and enough leg drive to fight for additional yardage after contact. Blocking is a work in progress; will sometimes be pulled in tight to the formation to wall off defenders on the backside, but at this point struggles with positioning and lets too many defenders get past without successfully engaging them. When he does line up opponents, doesn’t always sustain through the whistle. Overall level of effort in the run game is a little lacking, ending too many snaps as a spectator and pulling up before contact. Already a pretty skillful route runner with the type of catch radius and flexibility to potentially develop into a starter, but would like to see him block with the same competitiveness and physicality he shows when releasing at the line or running after the catch. Doesn’t come out of college with the same sort of production his brother had at Alabama but is a similar talent and looks like he’s going to be a second-day pick.

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