WR Stanley Morgan Jr., Nebraska

6’0” – 202 lbs. – 4.53
Not related to former pro receiver Stanley Morgan. Has been contributing since his first season, in which he started three games and returned kicks. Posted 25-304-3 and 33-453-2 in his first two seasons with the Cornhuskers, then broke out the following season en route to 61-986-10. Finished his career with a 70-1,004-7 campaign. Has an adequate combination of height and bulk for a pro receiver. Takes snaps both inside and outside, predominantly the latter. Most of what he ran in college were seam routes, deep posts and ins, and some shorter out routes and others of that nature. Route-running doesn’t show a lot of attention to detail at this point. Tends to round off his patterns instead of sinking his hips, planting, and using explosiveness at the route stem to create separation. Needs to improve feel for zone coverage; will run himself into coverage instead of settling down into gaps. However, does show the ability to use footwork in order to release at the line of scrimmage against press coverage. Caught a lot of volume in college as the team tried to get the ball into his hands and let him try to create with a few yards of space, and looks like a tough runner with a little bit of elusiveness after the catch. Offers a pretty wide catch radius and the ability to adjust to poorly-thrown balls behind his frame. However, doesn’t appear to have the most reliable hands, having been guilty of a couple of focus drops during the games received. Had some struggles coming down with contested catches during the games reviewed and much of his production came on throws where he had plenty of separation or was working underneath the coverage. Doesn’t always go full speed when the play is going the other way; flashes the ability to get physical with opposing defensive backs as a blocker but will occasionally be more of a spectator. Has the strength to develop into a good blocker with more consistent effort. Really boosted his stock with an excellent Combine workout including a 6.78 cone time and a 38.5” vertical leap. However, measurables aside, what he put on tape during the games reviewed may not have been enough to solidify himself as a second-day candidate. Might end up as more of a mid-to-late-round developmental receiver with tools to work with.

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