WR Terry McLaurin, Ohio St.

6’0” – 208 lbs. – 4.35
Four-star recruit who didn’t record any statistics as a freshman, but caught 11-114-2 the following year before becoming a more regular contributor as a junior (29-436-6). Enjoyed his most productive year in 2018 to conclude his collegiate career (35-701-11). Has a strong build with adequate size and solid bulk for a pro receiver. Lined up on the outside, serving as one of his team’s primary deep threats, but also running some patterns underneath to set up those shots. Able to eat up cushions quickly against off-coverage, with the straight-line speed to challenge defenses downfield; averaged over twenty yards per catch this past season and has the type of speed to win over the top at the pro level. Frequently runs double-moves (sluggo post, inside release and go into a corner route) and works some head-fakes into his game. When targeted, does a good job of adjusting to passes, demonstrating the ability to track the ball over his shoulder and the body control to put himself in position to make catches, but doesn’t have the softest/most reliable hands; sometimes looks like an athlete playing receiver more than someone who’s a natural fit in the position. Is a little bit of a one-trick pony at the moment, as he doesn’t have a lot of snap to his underneath routes, tending to round things off without sinking his hips. Some of his production came by being schemed open into soft spots in zone coverage, rather than beating man; still doesn’t have a great feel for soft spots in zone, running himself into coverage underneath. Can struggle to release against press coverage at the line of scrimmage, barreling into opposing defensive backs instead of using suddenness to create room to work with. Would like to see more aggression as a blocker; doesn’t always engage opponents and often looks like he’s just going through the motions. Has potential in the area because of his strong build and his quickness. Was asked to cover punts at college and has the athletic traits to be a special-teams contributor at the pro level as well. Not one of the most polished or well-rounded prospects; teams are essentially drafting a size/speed prospect who showed the ability to win downfield at the college level and hoping he can improve his releases and blocking and develop his route tree in order to become a more complete receiver.


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