WR Tyre Brady, Marshall

6’3” – 211 lbs. – N/A
Originally attended Miami, where he spent two years; did not record any statistics as a freshman, but started three of eight games the following year (9-112-1). Sat out the 2016 season while transferring to Marshall, then immediately became a major contributor, posting 62-942-8 in his first season with the Herd, then 71-1,002-9 the following year. Big receiver who has good musculature but whose frame is a little bit thin. Takes snaps on both sides of the formation and from the slot. Not the fastest or most explosive athlete; typically gets very tight coverage on go routes. Runs a lot of simpler patterns at the shorter levels of the field (ins, outs, slants, curls, screens), to go along with a pretty big dose of sideline routes further down the field. Against off-coverage, flashes the ability to run flat, stay inside the defender, and pick up yardage after contact; has a pretty physical running style with the ball in his hands and is able to bounce off of some would-be tacklers. Tends to round off his routes instead of snapping, and doesn’t explode out of his breaks to create separation. A receiver who will drop some of the easy ones and catch some of the more difficult throws. A lot of his production came on routes in which he was working under the defense, but is also capable of using his flexibility to work the sideline and come down with some impressive grabs. Struggles to consistently come down with contested catches, or passes in which he needs to absorb contact; that may be an issue given his lack of high-end athleticism or route-running skills. Would like to see a greater sense of urgency when stalk blocking. Has some snaps in which he shows tenacity/aggression, but others in which he doesn’t successfully engage or looks more concerned with watching the action. Not the type of talent that’s going to be able to coast on raw athleticism at the next level, so attention to detail will be important. Comes with two years of solid production and offers an intriguing combination of length, body control, and ball skills, but unless he improves his route-running, focus, and blocking, he’s going to struggle to succeed at the pro level. The raw tools are there, but in a fairly deep draft class, looks more like a third-day selection.

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