CB Hamp Cheevers, Boston College*

5’9” – 169 lbs. – 4.52
Appeared in six games on special teams as a freshman, then started the final three of twelve games played on defense the following year, posting 17 tackles and two interceptions. Took over a starting role this past year and intercepted seven passes before declaring for the draft. Undersized defensive back who lines up on both sides of the field, playing a combination of man and zone coverages from both press and off looks. Wasn’t really asked to backpedal much during the games reviewed but had controlled footwork on the snaps in which he was. Also demonstrates good footwork to match releases at the line of scrimmage, using his hands well to provide tight man coverage. Not a particularly fast or explosive mover, but has quick reaction times to routes breaking which allows him to put himself in-phase to go for the breakup or interception. Obviously doesn’t have the best wingspan but proved this past season that he can compensate for it by diagnosing and undercutting routes for the interception. Also somewhat makes up for his lack of size with impressive leaping ability, having recorded a 39” vertical and 10’2” broad jump at the Combine. In zone coverage, does a good job of staying over the top of route combinations in order to keep the play in front of him. Looks like he may be susceptible to double-moves, with some technique issues; see Kelvin Harmon’s double move on him early in the fourth quarter of the North Carolina St. game this past season. Really struggles to shed blockers in the run game, as might be expected given his physical profile. Willing to attack blockers but is most effective when he uses his quickness to try and slip past them, as he tends to either get glued to blocks or driven out of the play. Wraps up opponents but doesn’t have a wide radius or much stopping power. Size limitations may force him to slide down into the slot as a pro, where he could use his pattern recognition skills to break up or intercept throws over the middle; however, may never be the type of run defender teams look for in their nickel corner. On-ball production and solid workouts at the Combine should have put him on the radar in this year’s class, but probably more likely as a late-round candidate.

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