CB Bryce Hall, Virginia

6’1”- 200 lbs.

Started seven of twelve games played as a true freshman, finishing with 25 tackles, four breakups, and two interceptions. Became a full-time starter the following year, finishing with 47 tackles, nine breakups, and one interception. Had a highly productive junior campaign – 62 tackles, 22 breakups, two interceptions – then was limited by injury to just six games as a senior, finishing with twenty tackles and four breakups. Big, well-built cornerback with good length for the boundary. Lined up on the left side of the defense, playing different techniques; tends to be in press-man, off-man, or zone coverage against bunches. Plays like his hair is on fire; overall level of intensity is excellent, although it can cause him to play a little bit out of control at times. Backpedals under control and with good balance, demonstrating quick feet. Long-strider who covers a lot of ground when shuffling. Overall athleticism is good for his size, with solid speed; fast and fluid enough to provide reasonable coverage on receivers breaking over the middle of the field on inside releases. Smooth when it comes to planting and driving on the ball, but often plays with a generous cushion which makes it difficult for him to get in position. From tighter coverage, looks relatively fluid to stick with opponents through the stem. However, can shift down too much at times and give up separation at the stem on stop-and-go routes. When in-phase, does a good job of locating and using his length to make plays on the ball. Despite having essentially three years of starting experience, is often a split-second late to diagnose route combinations. Would like to see him play with a more conservative temperament and more awareness in zone coverage; can get underneath opposing receivers and lose track of them. Very aggressive and physical attacking blockers when defending against screens and rushing attempts. Length gives him a good tackling radius, and likes to stick his nose in. Was also asked to blitz off the edge fairly often and looks fast in that capacity. Season-ending ankle injury will require further medical investigation. One of the most physically and athletically gifted cornerbacks in this year’s class, it would be easy to imagine a team falling in love with his energy, aggression, and physicality. However, as a three-year starter, it would be nice to see him play with more discipline and awareness, his pattern recognition skills and feel in zone coverage leaving something to be desired. Consequently, may be more of a boom-or-bust prospect.

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