CB Jeff Gladney, Texas Christian

6’0” – 183 lbs.

One of the most experienced cornerback prospects in this year’s class. Redshirted, then started eight of twelve games played the following year, ending up with 46 tackles and six breakups. Has been starting almost every game ever since, posting 28 tackles, five breakups, and two interceptions the following year. Finished his junior year with 41 tackles, thirteen breakups, and two interceptions. Senior season ended with 31 tackles, 14 breakups, and one interception. Lanky boundary corner with solid height and excellent length but a slightly thin build. Very good athlete who looks comfortable working in press man coverage from the left side of the defense, where he usually lines up. Also plays some off coverage. Has solid speed to carry opponents down or across the field. Hips look fluid, and is a very flexible player overall. More likely to use his footwork to match releases at the line rather than jamming opponents, but does a good job of using his hands to feel routes as they develop, allowing him to stick with opponents through the route stem. Does do a little bit of backpedaling but footwork looks better when he’s turning and running out of press man; backpedals with balance but needs to clean up his technique in the lower body. Pattern recognition skills are polished, as you’d expect from someone who’s essentially a four-year starter. When playing in zone, adopts a conservative approach, keeping the play in front of him and taking the top receiver on high-low route concepts. Ball skills are a plus, as his 27 breakups over the past two years would suggest. Excellent length allows him to make plays on the ball when targeted; appears to have good technique to slap balls free before the catch has been completed as well. Attacks blocks with aggression in the run game, although his thin frame impacts his anchor strength. Capable of sniffing out screens and has enough short-area quickness to slip by blockers and make tackles. However, he may need to add some additional strength in order to hold up against the physicality he’s going to be exposed to at the next level. One of the most flexible cornerbacks in this year’s class, with the diagnostic ability, ball skills, and athleticism to provide tight man coverage. Coming with four years of starting experience, he should be ready sooner rather than later from a mental and technical perspective, although he may need some time in a pro strength program.

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