DE Jabari Zuniga, Florida

6’3” – 253 lbs.

Redshirted, then started three of thirteen games played while rotating heavily into the defense the following year; finished with 25-8.5-5.0. Started six of ten games in an injury-plagued redshirt sophomore year, going 34-8.0-4.0. Was a full-time starter as a junior, posting 45-11.0-6.5, but made just six appearances as a senior while dealing with an ankle injury (14-7.0-3.0). Has adequate size for a pro edge rusher, with arms which measured a solid 33” at the Senior Bowl; looks a little bit top-heavy. Took snaps on both ends of the line with the Gators, often out of a four-point stance; would also slide in and play more like an under tackle at times. Plays the game with competitiveness and physicality, especially in a short area. Doesn’t shy away from contact as a run defender, generating some pop on contact and attempting to overwhelm opponents with his initial shove. Uses his hands effectively to shed opposing offensive linemen on his way to the ball. Has a good closing burst and the tackling radius to finish plays with tackles in the backfield. Capable of scraping down the line without getting pushed off of the line of scrimmage; anchor is solid overall but was typically attacking instead of digging in around the line of scrimmage. Flashes the ability to make tackles while engaged. Generally has adequate eye discipline, but aggression can sometimes be used against him, causing him to get sealed out of the play. Not the most dynamic pass-rusher, bringing the same physical, hard-nosed approach but lacking some of the traits of elite pass-rushers; not quite as agile, balanced, and flexible as some other prospects at the position. Overall hand use is good. Knows how to change speeds and set up opponents to avoid bearing the brunt of their initial punch. Relies more on his overhand swim move to slip by opponents, working in his bull-rush often as well. Would like to see him play with a little bit more leverage through the rush, but is capable of walking back opposing tackles when he fires out low. Closing burst is above-average but not elite. More likely to get depth and then try to redirect back inside instead of dipping his shoulder and bending back to the passer in a smooth arc. Brings more of a brute force approach to the position, combining toughness, physicality, competitiveness and power together to impact the game. Consequently, might end up being viewed as more of a complementary defensive end than a primary pass rusher.

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