DE Terrell Lewis, Alabama

6’5” – 258 lbs.

Appeared in eleven games as a freshman, finishing with eleven tackles and a sack. Sustained an arm injury the following year which caused him to miss ten games, limiting his production to 16-2.0-1.0. Sustained a knee injury prior to the following season which caused him to miss the year, then came back to finish with 31-11.5-6.0 and sixteen pressures as a senior. Tall, long-limbed rusher who carries his weight well and has solid bulk; arms measured over 34” in Mobile. Lines up on both sides of the line in two-point, three-point, and four-point stances. Plays with high energy on a snap to snap basis. First and foremost a speed rusher. Reaction times and ability to anticipate the snap count are adequate and possesses a good first step. When he’s able to get around the edge, closes very quickly and can finish his rushes with sacks. Relies heavily on his speed as a rusher, but also mixes in inside moves, where he demonstrates suddenness and the ability to get low and slip past defenders, with quick feet to shuffle into open gaps. Is pretty active with his hands, but has a fairly straightforward approach and could do a better job of mixing in different moves and counters; flashes a violent spin move, but needs to bring it under control and do a better job of keeping his balance. When rushing toward the front of an opposing passer, does a good job of getting his hands up to contest passing lanes. Was also asked to make occasional spot drops, but is primarily an aggressive downhill player. Not the run defender some of Alabama’s other recent front-seven prospects have been; more of a modern edge defender than an old-school tough guy on the outside. In the Tide’s two-gap defensive fronts, flashes the ability to use his length to lock out defenders and locate, but would like to see him play with more discipline and power when setting the edge. Has a tendency to get stuck on blocks and also appears to have some difficulty maintaining his balance through contact on the outside. Rush-first approach can be a liability in the run game, getting too much depth and creating easy holes for opponents to get through. Motor also appears just adequate over a short-area and rarely gives it his all beyond that; also more explosive than he is fast. Durability issues will require medical evaluation, but if everything checks out it looks likely that someone will gamble on his physical and athletic tools somewhere on the second day.

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