DE Trevis Gipson, Tulsa

6’4” – 259 lbs.

Redshirted in 2015, then made eight tackles the following season, mostly playing on special teams. Appeared in all twelve games the following year, then became a full-time starter as a junior, ending up with 46-9.0-4.0 and five forced fumbles. Senior season was very productive: 49-15.0-8.0 and two forced fumbles. Size is a plus. Stood at 6’3 ½” at the Senior Bowl, with solid bulk and very long arms which measured over 34”; was nine pounds lighter than his official weight. Style of play is something akin to a bull in a china shop; very physical and aggressive, but lacks the type of control/discipline that some teams look for, so despite his excellent production last year, should be considered a work in progress. Played on both three- and four-man lines, typically but not exclusively on the left side of the line; also took some snaps at different techniques, including some one- and three-technique. Looks pretty disruptive against the run, using his size and power to crash down and create congestion in the middle of the line; looks better attacking on angles than two-gapping because of his natural aggression, but has the type of length and power to potentially develop into a read-and-react player down the line. Able to scrape and flow horizontally without giving up ground. Length gives him an impressive tackle radius, and flashes the ability to lock out and shed opponents or make tackles when engaged. However, doesn’t use his hands very well yet, relying more on throwing his body around. Also struggles with overall awareness and will take himself o ut of some plays or lose track of ballcarriers. A mixed bag in the passing game as well. Flashes viable spin and rip moves, but might enjoy more success early on with his bull rush. Doesn’t always have the fastest reaction times to the ball being snapped, but can make up for it somewhat by covering a lot of ground with his first step. Not as much of a threat on the edge right now, and his poor balance is hard to miss on tape, so it will be interesting to see just how much room for improvement there is there. Was able to dominate at times during the games reviewed, and will definitely attract some interest from teams as a strong, long, and physical defender capable of playing different techniques, but will need to significantly refine his game in order to be successful at the pro level; that probably starts with improving his hand use and balance.

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