DT Davon Hamilton, Ohio St.

6’3” – 308 lbs.

Redshirted, then played in thirteen games over each of the two subsequent seasons, posting 10-2.5-0.5 and 12-4.5-0.5. Started three of fourteen games played as a junior (16-3.5-0.0). Senior year was by far his most productive; became a starter and finished with a line of 25-8.5-5.0. Well-built prospect with a solid combination of height and bulk for a pro defensive tackle; takes snaps on both sides of the defensive line as part of a rotation, playing a somewhat limited number of snaps per game. Looks good when he’s on the field. Not one of the first players to react to the ball being snapped, but manages to fire out relatively quickly and get penetration by using his hands well and mixing up his approach on a snap-to-snap basis. Plays with a high motor, giving good effort in pursuit in order to make the most of his adequate overall athleticism; can often be seen chasing ballcarriers toward the sidelines or giving full effort in backside pursuit. Capable of playing both aggressively and with discipline; flashes the ability to lock out defenders and play a read-and-react style of football in the run game, stacking and shedding at the appropriate time, but can commit too early at times and play into the offense’s hands. Anchors effectively against power and appears comfortable holding his ground against power. Knows how to use his size and quickness to create congestion in the middle of the line. Can play a little bit high, negating his power a little bit, but still manages to dig in, even against double-teams. Physical tools are more impressive than his ability to read opposing offenses, locate the ballcarrier, and flow toward the ball. Offers value as a pass-rusher, being able to generate pressure with either his suddenness or power. May project as more of a nose tackle and has the type of power you’d expect as a bull-rusher, but plays a little bit more like a gap-shooter. Struggles to win when his first move is unsuccessful; needs to integrate more counters into his game. A little bit of a one-year wonder in college who was still playing in a rotation as a senior, but who possesses an impressive combination of size, strength, and quickness, and who plays with the type of competitive demeanor teams look for. Floor may be a little bit lower than some of the other defensive tackles because of his inexperience, but looks like a pretty high-ceiling prospect as well.

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