DT Larrell Murchison, North Carolina St.

6’3” – 291 lbs.

Originally attended junior college, where he spent two seasons (2016 and 2017). Redshirted the following year, then stepped into the starting lineup as a junior, posting 34-8.0-4.0. Heading into the bowl season, posted a 48-12.0-7.0 line in his senior season. Appears to have adequate height and length for a pro lineman. Primarily plays the end spot out of a four-point stance in the Wolfpack’s two-gap defense, shifting back and forth between the left and right sides of the line and occasionally sliding over to the nose. Actual technique can vary; more of a five-technique option but starts from wider techniques at times as well. Greatest strength at this point is his ability to anchor against both single- and double-team blocks in the run game; has the lower-body strength and gets enough arm extension to hold his ground at the line of scrimmage. Doesn’t make it look pretty, but gets adequate leverage. Plays with patience on the backside. When he’s able to locate the ballcarrier, demonstrates the ability to make tackles while engaged. Has enough power in his hands that he should be able to shed effectively as he refines his hand use; at the moment, is not active or advanced enough with his hands, however, causing him to get stuck on blocks. Also appears to struggle with play recognition and overall awareness at this point. Needs the play to come to him, as he is not one of the fastest or rangiest defenders in pursuit. Struggles to work his way through trash and is susceptible to cut blocks. Played a high number of snaps during the games reviewed. As a pass-rusher, demonstrates adequate body control and closing burst when he’s working the edge and when he finds a clear lane to the quarterback. Does a good job of creating congestion to open up opportunities for teammates, attempting to split the guard and tackle and drawing double-teams as a consequence. However, doesn’t look like a particularly explosive or threatening rusher and may end up as more of a rotational run-stuffing option at the next level. Also makes occasional drops into zone coverage for some blitzes. Didn’t look as disruptive on tape as his statistics would suggest, but is a relatively stout run defender, if a somewhat immobile one. It would be a little bit surprising to see him get much consideration before the final day of the draft, as he appears to lack ideal size and athleticism.

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