DT Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma

6’2” – 302 lbs.

Canadian prospect who redshirted, then started six of thirteen games played the following season (40-4.0-1.0), and five of twelve as a sophomore (28-1.5-1.0). Became a full-time starter as a junior, going 50-5.0-3.0 and following that up with a 27-7.5-4.0 line as a senior. Was listed at 330 pounds as a junior, then 302 as a senior; looked better as a senior. A stoutly-built defensive lineman who played different techniques; slid back and forth between the nose and the end. For a thicker defensive tackle, demonstrates impressive quickness out of his stance. Plays the game with a great motor and very good range in pursuit; willing to chase ballcarriers toward the sidelines, with above-average straight-line speed for the position. Able to eat blocks and hold his ground thanks to good lower-body strength. Can command double-teams on a fairly high percentage of snaps because of his burst and power. Appears to have pretty good balance and body control. Sense of urgency and love of contact are admirable, but would like to see him play with a little bit more discipline and patience. Uses his body to absorb contact too often, and can commit to a course of action prematurely, taking him out of position. Not the most productive pass-rusher, but is capable of generating pressure. Played in an offense which called for him to execute a lot of twists and stunts. In addition to his aforementioned explosiveness, demonstrates good footwork and lateral quickness to maneuver himself into position. Very active with his hands; knows how to keep opponents from locking on, working in counters to avoid ending plays idling around the line of scrimmage. Relies on quickness more than power to create pressure, although he was able to walk back a couple of linemen during the games reviewed. Has a little bit of bend and some closing burst to finish; good rip move to get around the edge. However, projects as more of a facilitator who can command attention and create opportunities for others than a gap-shooting type who’s likely to rack up gaudy sack totals. Gets his hands up to contest passing lanes but isn’t one of the tallest or longest-limbed interior linemen. Over four years, has put together roughly three years’ worth of starts, and combines a thick build and strong lower body with a physical and high-energy style of play. More viable in the passing game than is typical for a nose tackle, although he may never be a high-end pass-rusher; would also like to see more discipline and technique as a run-stopper. Very likable prospect.

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