DT Ross Blacklock, Texas Christian*

6’4” – 305 lbs.

Redshirted, then started all fourteen games in 2017, finishing with 27-6.5-2.0. Sustained a season-ending Achilles injury in camp in the following year, then came back to post 40-9.0-3.5 as a junior before declaring for the draft. Well-built for a pro defensive tackle, with prototypical size and very good bulk; carries his weight well, with a muscular physique. Lines up on both sides of the defensive line in a four-point stance, playing either as a three-technique or as a one-technique; overall skillset may be slightly more conducive to playing nose tackle on a four-man line at the next level. Overall functional strength is very impressive. Fires out of his stance low and with some explosiveness, exhibiting an impressive first step and excellent pad level; can be a handful for opposing interior linemen to block one-on-one, drawing some double-team blocks as a consequence. Capable of getting his hands high and inside and using them to ragdoll opposing blockers as a two-gapper; can take blockers for a ride when scraping toward the ball. Has enough power in his lower body and plays with a wide enough base to hold his ground at the point of attack. Possesses adequate short-area quickness when threatening gaps in more of a penetrating role. However, it would be nice to see him play with more patience and awareness when defending the run; can drop his head and commit to a course of action too early, causing him to lose track of the ball carrier, or otherwise taking him out of position and making it difficult for him to recover. Not quite the dynamic pass-rusher his tools would suggest. Stayed on the field on many third downs and did draw some extra attention from opposing offensive lines, but can be a little bit of a straightforward bull-rusher who gets extension and keeps his legs churning after contact, but doesn’t look like a major threat on most plays. More explosive in a short area than he is fast in space, although he gives solid effort in pursuit of screen passes toward the sidelines. Has such a strong build and so much explosiveness and power that sometimes it looks like the only person who can stop him is himself. If he can play with more patience and awareness, looks like a plus run-stuffer at nose tackle in a two-gap front at the very least.

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