OC Keith Ismael, San Diego St.*

6’3″ – 300 lbs.

Redshirted in his first season with the Aztecs, then started eight games at center and five games at right guard the following season. Started six games at center, five games at right guard, and one game at left guard as a sophomore. Ended up declaring for the draft after his redshirt junior season, earning a Senior Bowl invite. Has an adequate build for a pro interior lineman, in terms of height, of bulk, and of length (arms measured 32” in Mobile); frame is a little bit squarish. Plays with some aggression and physicality, exhibiting a desirable temperament for a pro lineman. Marries that to pretty solid technique in terms of leverage out of the snap, knee-bend, and hand placement; looks like the three-year starter he is from a developmental perspective. Has a little bit of power to his game, and can generate some push when he fires out, but can’t really be considered a mauler. Lacks length but has solid grip strength to sustain once engaged. Has the short-area quickness to chip and climb, or go directly up to the second level and engage opponents; should be considered for both inline and zone-blocking schemes. Gives good effort and has adequate athleticism for pulling assignments. Uses powerful shoves to knock opponents off-balance when chipping or when able to line up defenders in space. Can sometimes struggle to line up moving targets in space. Looks comfortable anchoring against power in pass protection; as a shorter, more thickly-built player with good knee bend, rarely gets walked back into the pocket. Balance can sometimes be a little bit off, however; gets too aggressive and ends up on the ground, or gets knocked off-balance by longer and more powerful opponents at times. Looks a little bit more athletic in space than he is laterally quick. Demonstrates the ability to pull and set up outside as a pass protector when blocking on rollouts. A sound, consistent interior lineman who comes with three years of starting experience between all three interior offensive line positions, and who offers a solid combination of lower-body strength, grip strength, athleticism, and technique, traits which should allow him to eventually compete for a starting role, likely after beginning his career as a swing reserve on the interior. May be more of a third-day option, being something of a jack-of-all-trades, lacking elite size, power, or lateral quickness.

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