OC Matt Hennessy, Temple*

6’4″ – 302 lbs.

Redshirted in his first season at Temple, then ended up starting at center for all but one game the following season. Reprised his starting role in each of the two subsequent seasons, declaring for the draft after his redshirt junior season. Has already graduated and was invited to the Senior Bowl. Has solid height for the position, and weighed in seven pounds higher than his listed weight in Mobile; length is just adequate, with arms measuring slightly under 32.5”. Missed at least one game in each of his three seasons, which may be a slight concern given the premium placed on durability at the offensive line position. An impressive, well-conditioned athlete who fits a zone-blocking scheme well. Has enough short-area quickness to chip one opponent at the line of scrimmage and subsequently climb to engage another defender. Does a good job of lining up opponents in space or sticking with them on stretches and outside rushing attempts. Able to cross an opponent’s face and seal them off from the play with a hook block. Was more likely to block on angles than pull during the games reviewed, but that seems like something he should be able to do given his athleticism. Understands positioning and hand placement. Fires out of his stance low and keeps his feet churning after contact, but there isn’t too much of a power element to his game; much more of a finesse player and technician. More workmanlike than nasty in terms of his overall approach to the game. Graded out high on passing downs; pretty consistent snap-to-snap performer. Bends his knees in pass sets, and has the lateral quickness to mirror opposing defensive linemen. Good hand placement high and inside. Generally speaking, is able to play within his frame instead of overextending. Demonstrates adequate anchor strength against power. Wasn’t asked to get out in front of screens but should be able to handle that. Pressures he gives up tend to come from not noticing delayed A-gap blitzes. A three-year starter with a pretty polished game, his athleticism, consistency, and technique should allow him to compete for a center role at the next level sooner rather than later, although he would probably fit better in more of a zone-blocking scheme, narrowing the range of teams that may be willing to draft him. Tipped the scales at 302 points at Senior Bowl weigh-ins, and it should be interesting to see whether that affects his overall level of play.

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