OG Ben Bartch, St. John’s

6’6″ – 308 lbs.

(Note: School page does not provide biographical information; will update later.) Physical profile is interesting to say the least. Has excellent height and solid bulk for a pro tackle, but despite measuring in at 6’6”, his arms are just 33” long, which is on the low end for the outside; consequently, some teams may project him inside to guard at the next level, where he’s almost too tall. That said, it’s possible that moving inside may help mask some of his deficiencies. Comes from a college offense which was heavily pass-oriented, so he’s almost always working out of a two-point stance and will have to adjust to getting his depth out of a three-point stance at the pro level. As a pass protector, appears to get enough depth in his kickslide to protect the edge against speed, but doesn’t make it look pretty; plays hunched over and footwork can appear uncoordinated at times. Would like to see him play with a straighter back and a more stable foundation, as he can dip his head into contact or give up more ground than you’d think for a player of his size playing against his level of competition; as it currently stands, his ability to handle pro rushers who can convert speed to power should be considered doubtful, and that may be an even bigger problem if he’s moved inside. Pretty active with his hands and generally manages to get good extension with his arms, but can struggle to stick with opponents through spins and counters; would also like to see him firing out his hands more aggressively, with placement inside. However, does also flash the ability to knock defenders off-balance and finish with pancake blocks, which he racks up at a high rate.  In summary, he can be described as a fairly athletic, aggressive, and physical pass protector, albeit one who’s more inconsistent on a snap-to-snap basis than you’d like, mostly because of occasionally poor form, an iffy anchor, and some struggles resetting his hands. Playing in an offense that rarely even had a running back in the game, the sample size from his tape is insufficient to make any judgments; however, his size, athleticism, and aggressiveness might be well-suited to playing outside in a zone blocking scheme. Has the short-area quickness to climb up to the second level and seal defenders inside. Also does a good job of attacking the outside shoulder to create push toward the center of the formation. A true project whose low level of competition in college, pass-heavy offensive scheme, and technical issues make him a difficult projection, but whose shortcomings could theoretically be addressed with coaching and time in a pro strength program.

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