OG Damien Lewis, Louisiana St.

6’2″ – 329 lbs.

Originally attended Northwest Mississippi Community College, where he played two seasons at right guard. Transferred to Louisiana St. and immediately took over as the team’s starting right guard. Racked up twenty-seven starts at the position over the past two seasons, earning second team all-conference honors as a senior. Has something of a strange build, combining below-average height with outstanding bulk and solid length (arms measured just under 33.5” at the Senior Bowl.) Has something like the skillset you’d imagine given his build. Greatest asset is easily the functional strength his size provides; many of his successful snaps came by virtue of the advantage in power relative to his opponents. Played in a pass-heavy offense but looks more comfortable in the run game. Flashes the ability to get extension, lock onto an opponent, and keep his legs churning after contact to generate movement. Capable of attacking an opponent’s outside shoulder and collapsing them toward the middle of the formation. Pretty physical and competitive on-field demeanor; more of a phone-booth player whose effectiveness diminishes with distance, but gives effort to climb to the second level when asked to do so. Beyond that, looks very raw for a two-year SEC starter.  Hand placement issues crop up often; puts far too many snaps on tape where he’s hugging or grabbing opponents and may be a penalty machine at the pro level. Often resorts to such tactics because he lacks the athletic ability and reach to get to opponents. Balance issues abound as well; is a leaner even under reasonable conditions in the passing game, but can be knocked around by smaller opponents because he tends to catch and grab opposing rushers instead of firing out his punch to disrupt their momentum. His processing and work rate leave something to be desired on passing downs; can often be seen idling around the line of scrimmage rather than recognizing and taking advantage of the opportunity to help out a teammate when he’s unoccupied. Deserves respect for his academic achievements and ability to transfer into a major program and step into a starting role immediately, but thus far he looks like someone who’s been coasting on their natural bulk and power, rather than a polished prospect who will be ready to compete at the pro level anytime soon. Consequently, looks more like a late-round possibility for a team with an inline blocking scheme and an excellent offensive line coach.

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