OG Jonah Jackson, Ohio St.

6’4” – 310 lbs.

Originally attended Rutgers. Redshirted, then appeared in twelve games the following season. Started five of six games played as a sophomore and eleven of twelve as a junior (played right guard). Was a graduate transfer to the Buckeyes this past season, where he started at left guard. Well-built for an interior lineman, with adequate height, good bulk, and decent length (arms measured just under 33” at Senior Bowl weigh-ins.) Put together some impressive tape during the games reviewed. Exhibits a physical on-field temperament, with the killer instinct to finish snaps with pancakes in the run game. Overall grip strength is good, and has the ability to generate torque and turn opponents out of the hole or sling them to the ground. Clears big holes attacking the outside shoulder. Gets extension with his arms and keeps his feet churning after initial contact to generate movement; does, however, need to improve the overall consistency of his hand placement, as they have a tendency to find their way outside, which may lead to penalties at the next level. As a bigger offensive lineman, his ability to make blocks in space in the Buckeyes offense is impressive. Demonstrates the ability to pull to the right side of the line and engulf smaller defenders to seal off the backside, or can also climb to the second level and engage linebackers. Gives good effort on those assignments, and has more straight-line speed than his size would suggest. Importantly, also does a good job of playing within frame, avoiding lunging and other balance issues. However, can occasionally struggle to hit moving targets in space, as he is faster and more determined than he is agile; looks a little bit stiff in space at times. Could do a better job of keeping a stable base when engaging on the move. Has the lower-body strength to anchor against power as a pass protector. Overall technique is adequate; demonstrates the ability to lock out opponents by getting his arms extended and can bend at the knees. Overall awareness to recognize stunts and twists is good. Has enough power in his shove to disrupt opposing pass-rushers when helping teammates. Would like to see him be a little bit more proactive about using his punch to knock defenders off-balance; because his length is just adequate, there will be some times when he lets opponents get into his pads first. A big, strong, and physical interior lineman with pretty consistent tape, he plays with underrated mobility and looks like a potential starter in the future.

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