OG Logan Stenberg, Kentucky

6’6” – 322 lbs.

Redshirted in his first season with the program, and has been starting ever since. Plays left guard for the Wildcats. Massive offensive guard with an outstanding combination of height and bulk for the position; will be one of the bigger interior linemen in the league. Played in an offensive which didn’t feature a lot of pulling, but can be seen doing so on occasion. Generates a good amount of power on contact; in space, can knock defenders off-balance with his shove. Has a very powerful grip and works hard to sustain through the whistle. Able to use torque in his upper body to twist defenders out of the lane. Surprisingly fast in a straight line, with the ability to get up to the second level; demonstrates an impressive work rate in space. However, isn’t quite the phone-booth mauler his size would suggest; tends to play a little bit high, and even though he keeps his feet churning after contact, is more likely to lock on and stick with his man than he is to drive defenders back off the line of scrimmage. As might be expected for a taller guard, has some issues with balance and leverage; those didn’t result in him ending up on the ground or falling off of blocks during the games reviewed, but by playing too high or bending at the waist, he negated some of his natural advantage in power. More of a high-effort player than a nasty one. Size and length makes him difficult to get around on passing downs, and he anchors pretty well against power. Does a good job of keeping his back straight and playing with a wide base in his pass sets, but could play with more knee-bend. Gets extension with his arms and is able to lock onto pass rushers and eliminate them from the play when he lines them up. Resets his hands well and is active with them overall. Gives good effort to get out in front of screens, although balance issues crop up intermittently. However, doesn’t cover a ton of ground laterally, so at times he can be forced to abandon his technique a little bit and attempt to push defenders deep rather than maneuvering himself into position to cut them off. As an experienced, four-year starter at a major program, and offering a big frame, a good work rate, and plenty of natural power, should be considered a relatively high-floor prospect and potential starter who could be a little bit more consistent when it comes to getting low and playing within his frame.

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