OG Shane Lemieux, Oregon

6’4” – 316 lbs.

Redshirted, then started all twelve games at left guard the following year. Has been playing the position ever since, having started thirty-eight consecutive games at the position going into his senior season. Was named a team captain during his junior season. Well-built offensive guard who appears to have solid length for the position, although official measurements will be important to confirm his listed height. Overall weight distribution and thickness look good. Plays in an offense which calls for him to make a lot of blocks on angles, and includes plenty of blocking assignments in which he’s pulling or getting out in space to block for runners catching screens out of the backfield. Looks like a solid athlete with a good work rate, consistently competing through the whistle. Hustles to the second level and can be seen trying to engage defenders more than ten yards down the field on screens. Demonstrates above-average short-area quickness, and looks light on his feet. Able to pull across the formation and crack defenders coming off the edge, sealing them away from the play. Can chip an opponent and climb up to the second level to engage another. When in position, demonstrates solid grip strength to sustain through the whistle. However, can sometimes struggle to successfully line up and drive out opponents when blocking on angles; looks content to get his body involved rather than attacking the outside shoulder with his hands. Sometimes struggles to cross a defender’s face and consequently ends up following them to the ball. Much more workmanlike than he is a mauler; not the type who fires out low and blows defenders off the line of scrimmage with power. Does work well on double-team blocks to grind down bigger opponents on the interior. Sets look pretty good in the passing game. Has a slight tendency to lean forward, but plays with a wide base and what looks like adequate lower-body strength to anchor against power. Greatest strength in pass pro is his overall level of activity; keeps his head on a swivel, actively seeking out opponents to block and teammates to help, and exhibits quick, active hands which he can reset fast enough to deliver multiple punches if necessary. As mentioned above, stands out in the screen game because of his solid athletic ability and excellent motor. A team captain and four-year starter who combines a solid build with good movement skills and nonstop effort, he looks like a potential starter on the interior of an offensive line, probably sooner than most offensive line prospects, although he isn’t quite the nasty, phone-booth blocker some power-based teams look for. Would be best in a zone scheme.

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