OG Simon Stepaniak, Indiana

6’4” – 321 lbs.

Redshirted, then started two of twelve games played the following season. Ended up having his redshirt sophomore season limited to just six games due to injury, then came back to start all twelve games the following year. Plays right guard, although he started one game at left guard in 2019 (Maryland). Thickly-built prospect with what looks like a maxed-out frame; bulk is excellent, but might be a little bit shorter than his listed height, with what may be below-average length. Fifth-year player who comes with almost three seasons of starting experience in a major conference. Has a competitive demeanor in the run game. Appears to have pretty good power in his upper body. Frame would seem to suggest an overwhelming phone-booth blocker, but tends to negate his initial advantage by not continuing to churn his legs after contact. Grip strength and ability to sustain are unimpressive. Not a very good athlete; looks lumbering in space and wasn’t asked to cover too much ground at the college level. Consequently, may be limited to power-based schemes at the pro level. In pass protection, demonstrates the ability to play with a pretty wide base, and his wide frame allows him to obstruct opponents. Not the most aggressive blocker, but looks pretty alert, keeping his head on a swivel. Would like to see him go after opponents more, because he flashes a powerful shove to knock opponents off-balance. Major flaws in his game stem from his lack of ideal height/length. Has a tendency to lunge and play outside of his frame, causing him to end up off-balance or fall off of blocks. Needs to do a better job of keeping his back straight and his head up when engaging opponents; can be a waist-bender. Those issues can cause him to play with less power than his weight would suggest. Perhaps more concerning, even when he is working in pass protection, has a tendency to drop his anchor late; gets stood up and walked back by power much more often than a 320-pound offensive guard should, suggesting that his upper-body strength is more impressive than his lower body’s. Looks like a career backup who lacks the length, balance, anchor, and grip strength to satisfy a team as a starting option. Competitiveness and mass can only get you so far, and given that he’s a fifth-year senior with a few seasons of starting experience under his belt, it’s concerning that this much inconsistency is still evident in his game.

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