OT Charlie Heck, North Carolina

6’8” – 309 lbs.

Father Andy is offensive line coach for the Chiefs, and his brother Jon played right tackle for the Tar Heels. Redshirted, then appeared in eight games the following year. Started eleven of twelve games played as a redshirt sophomore, and then all eleven he played in the following year. Flipped from right tackle to left tackle for his senior season. Massive offensive tackle who will be one of the tallest players at his position in the NFL; arms also measured over 34” at the Senior Bowl, which is solid. Plays the game with competitiveness and physicality, working hard to stick with his assignment through the whistle. Was actually asked to pull to the opposite side of the formation pretty regularly in the run game and looks better in space than his size would suggest; doesn’t always successfully engage an opponent, but can at least create some disruption. Fires out of his stance pretty low for a taller player. Demonstrates good extension into contact and leg drive after contact, allowing him to generate push. Able to collapse the edge by blocking down on the outside shoulder. Has enough lower-body strength to seal defenders out of the hole. Appears to have adequate to good grip strength to sustain through the whistle.  Movements sometimes look uncoordinated/clumsy. A little bit more of an adventure in pass protection. Looks more comfortable handling power; is able to bend at the knees and drop an early anchor to absorb opposing bull-rushes comfortably. Flashes the ability to protect the edge against speed, given his adequate lateral quickness and the depth he gets in his kickslide, combined with his overall size/width. However, in practice he struggles to lock onto opponents and can often be knocked off of his base or struggle to recover/reset his hands when surprised by counters or inside moves; whiffs more often than you’d like. Too many snaps where he’s forced to resort to using his body as an obstruction instead of engaging with form and technique. A big, brawling type of tackle who has the type of power and temperament teams look for, as well as being lighter on his feet and more athletic in space than anticipated. Consequently, looks like he might be able to make some positive contributions in the run game sooner rather than later. However, because of his inconsistency in pass protection, might be more of a developmental right tackle candidate for a team with an inline blocking scheme. Will have to make it on the outside because he’s probably too tall to slide inside.

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