OT Colton McKivitz, West Virginia

6’7” – 312 lbs.

Redshirted, then started ten of thirteen games played the following year. Has started ever since, playing right tackle opposite Yodny Cajuste prior to this season, but sliding over to the blindside for his senior campaign. Basketball background. Offers a good combination of height, length, and bulk for a pro offensive tackle prospects. Has added about fifty pounds of bulk in college; recruiting profile lists him at 262 pounds, and looks like his frame may be able to handle additional thickness in the lower body. Pass sets look pretty good, with a wide base. Overall athleticism is above-average, and combined with his length, is typically adequate to obstruct opposing speed-rushers. Covers a lot of ground with each step and can square up opponents rushing from wider techniques without abandoning his form. Anchors well against power, and can knock smaller defenders off-balance with his initial punch. Generally his length well in pass protection; gets good extension with his arms and demonstrates solid hand placement, high and inside. However, can occasionally get caught bending at the waist instead of waiting until opponents get closer to engage; at times, that can cause him to fall off of blocks, having been slipped by pass-rushers with active hands. Athletic enough to get out in space and lead the way in the screen game. Was also often asked to execute cut blocks on opponents. On rushing downs, blocks with above-average power and is capable of firing out, overwhelming opponents, and generating push. Short-area quickness is good enough to cross a defender’s face and wall them off from inside attempts. Able to chip one opponent and climb to engage at the second level in the run game; good effort to seek out opponents through the whistle. More of a shover than someone who gets a strong grip of an opponent’s pads, but works hard to stick with them and does a pretty good job of staying involved. More competitive than he is a mauler who blows opponents off the line. Took over at left tackle for a pretty highly-regarded offensive tackle prospect this past season and looked comfortable handling speed off the edge, something that should give his draft stock a boost. As a four-year starter with a good build, solid athletic ability, and experience on both sides of the line, looks like a potential starter in the future. With regard to his further development, emphasis should be on playing inside his frame and letting the game  come to him rather than pressing and ending up off-balance.

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