OT Josh Jones, Houston

6’7” – 310 lbs.

Has a basketball background. Redshirted, then started all thirteen games at left tackle the following year. Started all ten games played at left tackle in 2017 (missing time due to a knee injury), then reprised his blindside role in 2018 and 2019. Team captain. Very big, well-built left tackle who looks the part. Plays with a hunched back in pass protection, but the rest of his technique looks pretty sound against straightforward rushes. Smooth mover who’s light on his feet. Extends his arms well into opposing pass rushers and bends at the knees, although he could cover more ground with his kickslide. Accuracy with hand placement can be inconsistent. At times, demonstrates a slight tendency to lower his head into contact. Has the short area quickness to set up in space on bootlegs. Works hard to get out in front of screens and engage defenders at the second level. Can be forced to abandon his technique with distance, and will sometimes maintain his stance too late. When in position, looks very comfortable absorbing power and can pancake and crush smaller opponents on some speed rushes. At this point, his most impressive contributions come in the run game. Played in an offense which regularly asked him to cover a lot of ground in the run game, both in terms of climbing to the second level or pulling to the opposite end of the formation. Able to glide through space and cover pretty good range on such snaps; very solid work rate. Was regularly able to get out in space and engulf/overwhelm smaller defenders as a run blocker. Demonstrates good leg drive to generate push once engaged; drives opponents well off their spot when attacking the outside shoulder. Finishes blocks through the whistle. Can get a little bit high, negating his natural size and strength. A very intriguing prospect who combines excellent size and a great motor with an impressive combination of natural strength and mobility. Was asked to execute some difficult assignments at the college level and fulfilled his role admirably, although there are some elements of his game which need cleaning up despite being a four-year starter; specifically, needs to work on keeping his back straight in pass protection and getting enough depth in his kickslide to maintain positioning against speed rushers. Looks like a candidate to get early-round consideration as a developmental offensive tackle who could fit in either a zone or inline blocking scheme, potentially on the blindside.

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