OT Justin Herron, Wake Forest

6’4” – 301 lbs.

Redshirted, then started all twelve games at left tackle the following year. Put together 38 starts from 2016 to 2018 before sustaining a season-ending torn ACL in the opening game of the 2018 season. Was named a team captain going into his senior year. Ended up coming in an inch shorter and eleven pounds heavier than his listed size at the Senior Bowl; a little bit smaller than you’d like in a pro offensive tackle, although his arms measured over 34.5”, which is very solid. Run blocking looked very impressive during the games reviewed. Tough and physical on a snap-to-snap basis; finishes his blocks through the whistle. Plays with solid leverage, does a good job of getting his arms extended, and keeps his feet churning after contact to generate push. Has enough short-area quickness to get favorable positioning and dictate the encounter. Grip strength is very good, and has enough power in his upper body to generate torque and turn opponents out of the hole or twist them to the ground. Demonstrates a killer instinct to finish snaps with pancakes when in position to do so. Could stand to improve overall hand placement. Has balance issues which crop up occasionally, namely lowering his head/waist-bending, but they didn’t ruin many snaps during the games reviewed. Looks like he has a little bit more difficulty in pass protection. Positives are primarily his active hands, arm extension, and straight back; keeps his hands high and does a good job of firing out punches and resetting. Also does a good job of getting back into position to cut off inside moves, both in terms of awareness and lateral quickness. Has active, choppy feet but doesn’t get a lot of depth in his kickslide; this cause him to have to abandon his technique to try and run opposing defensive ends deep. Has some occasional issues with his base that cause him to get knocked off-balance by power, which may be more of an issue given his merely adequate bulk. Not one of the most impressive physical specimens in the class, but has a very likable style of play, handling his assignments with physicality, aggression, and a high level of activity with his hands and feet. As a three-year starter, plays with the type of snap-to-snap consistency you look for, and looks like a legitimate candidate to stick outside if he cleans up his pass sets and leverage.

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