OT Matt Peart, Connecticut

6’7” – 303 lbs.

Born in Jamaica, and moved to America in 2002. Redshirted his first season, and has been starting for the Huskies ever since, giving him nearly fifty career starts; was listed as having starting at guard in 2018, but was at right tackle during the 2018 game reviewed. Also played right tackle for his senior season. Very tall, long-limbed, and well-built offensive tackle, although his listed weight is on the low side for a player with his size. Demonstrates adequate short-area quickness and understanding of positioning to wall off opponents in the run game. Does a good job of playing within his frame, getting extension with his arms, and sustaining blocks with a strong grip. A bit lumbering but flashes the ability to consistently get to the second level and engage opponents; very impressive when it comes to securing blocks on linebackers. Natural power is good, but doesn’t dominate opponents one-on-one because he brings a more workmanlike than aggressive temperament to the game. Also tends to get up out of his stance and lose the leverage battle, negating his advantage in strength. Feet can sometimes go dead on contact as well. Hands find their way outside far too often; seems just as likely to bear-hug opponents than he is to get his hands high and inside, and could be penalty-prone at the next level. Was a pretty effective pass protector at the college level by presenting such a big obstacle that opponents couldn’t make their way around him easily. Plays with a wide base, a straight back, and extended arms. However, doesn’t cover a lot of ground with his kickslide and may struggle to handle speed at the next level, especially against opponents rushing from wide techniques. Issues with leverage that are visible in the run game also manifest themselves in pass protection, with some explosive opponents getting into his pads and walking him back. Consequently, although he appears to have a strong lower body, doesn’t play with the consistent anchor strength you’d expect. A four-year starter with five years of college experience and many of the physical tools teams look for, he should attract some interest as a developmental right tackle candidate for a power-based team. Offenses that seek quicker, more athletic options need not apply. Looks like more of a mid-round option who may have to make it on the outside, as his frame does not appear particularly well-suited to sliding inside, even if it would mask some of his athletic limitations.

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