OT Mekhi Becton, Louisville*

6’7” – 369 lbs.

Started ten games as a true freshman, then all thirteen the following year. Spent this past season as his team’s left tackle, then declared for the draft. Gargantuan tackle with a massive seven-foot wingspan and excellent thickness; will be one of the biggest players in the league at his position. Was asked to do a lot of blocking on angles in Louisville’s offensive scheme. May be the strongest offensive lineman in this year’s draft class; inline mauler who dominates in a phone booth. Very impressive contact strength; can knock opponents off-balance with his shoves and pick up pancake blocks on second-level defenders or when he’s able to surprise an opponent. Plays with nastiness and capitalizes on opportunities to finish off opponents. Does a good job of playing within his frame, getting extension with his arms, and keeping his feet churning after contact to generate push. Can really clear giant holes when down-blocking on an opposing defensive lineman’s outside shoulder. Overall movement skills are adequate at best, but works hard to engage opponents within his relatively limited range; at times, is capable of successfully getting a hand or two on a linebacker. If his original attempt is unsuccessful, struggles to get back into position when on the move. More of a brawler/shover than someone who locks onto an opponent. Plays high and is a little bit of a leaner. Pass sets look very good for his size; his three years of starting experience really show, and the team often felt comfortable leaving him on an island. Able to bend at the knees, and keeps his hands ready to deliver a powerful punch; hand placement is very good, and serves as the aggressor rather than letting opponents into his pads. Covers enough ground/gets enough depth in his kickslide to protect the edge, although his lateral quickness and recovery speed are adequate at best; can struggle to get back inside to defend against counters. Simply too big for most defensive ends to speed-rush around, and too powerful for them to bull-rush through. Does a good job of identifying his assignment when his side is overloaded. Would like to see him play with a little bit more leverage and a slightly wider base, although he has so much natural power that he is never really in danger of being overpowered. While his athleticism is about what you’d expect for his size and he has some minor technical issues, this is a player with very rare size and power, and who also plays with the snap-to-snap consistency and polish expected from someone with three years of starting experience. Looks like a first-round value.

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