OT Prince Tega Wanogho, Auburn

6’7” – 305 lbs.

Redshirted, then appeared in ten games as a reserve tackle the following season. Started the first four games of the season at left tackle in 2017, then took over the full-time starting job in 2018, reprising that role in 2019. Has a great frame for a pro offensive line prospect; really looks the part. Was asked to flip back and forth between the right and left sides during games. Overall work rate is impressive; plays snaps through the whistle. Has experience both inline and blocking on angles; better-suited to former. Works hard to climb to the second level and engage defenders there. Capable of pulling across the formation and blocking defenders in the hole. Has some initial quickness to position himself as a wall-off blocker in the run game. Can turn defenders out of the hole and seal them inside to create rushing lanes. However, has a tendency to bend at the waist, lower his head, and fall off of blocks. Not the phone-booth mauler on rushing downs his size might suggest. Could fire out low with more consistency to generate push in the run game. Size/bulk makes him difficult to speed-rush around on passing downs. Controlled footwork over a limited range in pass protection sets. Plays with a wide enough base to maintain his balance versus outside rushers. Light on his feet when engaged; doesn’t let his legs go dead on contact. Positions hands and arms well to punch into defenders when mirroring; very active. Good hand placement and grip strength to lock on when playing with balance. Occasionally forced to abandon technique against speed on passing downs. Inconsistent anchor; can play off-balance and be driven back like a blocking sled. May lack the raw athleticism to play left tackle or in zone schemes in the NFL. Sustained a broken leg in 2015 which forced him to redshirt as a true freshman. A tall, well-built offensive tackle with over two years of starting experience on the blindside in college football’s premier conference, he demonstrates a strong motor, good footwork and hand placement, and above-average functional strength, with the capacity to execute various different assignments. However, he is neither a mauler in a phone booth nor laterally quick enough to mirror speed rushers with ease. Given that he may be too tall to play on the inside, will likely be viewed as a candidate to slide over to the right tackle position at the pro level.

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