OT Tremayne Anchrum, Clemson

6’2” – 315 lbs.

Started one game and played a total of 292 snaps as a freshman, then started six of fourteen games played the following year. Took over a full-time starting job at right tackle as a junior and reprised that role as a senior. Plays outside but his frame clearly looks more suited to sliding inside at the next level, although players like Isaiah Wynn have shown that it’s possible for shorter blockers to stick outside at the next level. Has the type of game his frame would suggest. This is a very wide, bulky lineman who relies on his size and power to generate push in the run game. Does a good job of firing out low and with explosiveness to win on initial contact, with impressive leg drive after contact. Has the short-area quickness and work ethic to chip one defender at the line and climb to the second level to shove a linebacker. Does have some experience pulling to the left side of the line. Because of his lack of height and the overall level of aggression he plays with, can be frequently seen overextending and bending at the waist in an effort to engage opponents. Also ends up on the ground more often than most offensive tackle prospects, because of the balance issues mentioned rather than because of any lack of functional strength. Plays with a wide base in his pass sets, and manages to cover a solid amount of ground with each step of his kickslide. Because of how wide his body is, does a better job of protecting the edge than his height would suggest. Usually handles power well, with very good lower-body strength; however, can get knocked off-balance by speed-to-power. Uses his hands well; fires them out high and inside, does a good job of resetting them when presented with spins and  counters, and possesses enough power to jolt defenders. The same balance issues that you see in the run game carry over into his pass-sets; needs to do a better job of keeping his back straight and waiting until defenders get within his reach to engage. Has enough athleticism to get out in front of the screen game but was able to see him loafing a little bit in space rather than playing through the whistle. Teams are going to have to use their imaginations a little bit because he’s likely to slide inside at the next level, but has the bulk, power, physicality, and athletic ability to imagine him succeeding, and his problems with balance should not be as much of an issue when he gets into close quarters.

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