OT Trey Adams, Washington

6’8” – 314 lbs.

Has been playing left tackle since his first season with the Huskies. Started nine of ten games as a freshman, then all fourteen as a sophomore. Junior season ended after seven starts (torn ACL.) Underwent back surgery in August 2018, causing him to miss all but the last four games of that season. Started every game this past season. Very well-built for the left tackle position, with plenty of size and a thick build. Pretty technically sound in his pass sets, as you would expect from a player with his experience. Keeps his back straight, bends at the knees, and places his hands well to get inside his opponent’s body; doesn’t have overwhelming power in his initial punch, but rarely whiffs with his hands and does a good job of staying engaged. Overall balance is very good, especially for a taller lineman. Capable of locking on and mirroring against straightforward rushes, with a decent anchor to hold up against strength. Not the most laterally-quick left tackle; relies mostly on his size to protect the passer and suffers with distance. Doesn’t get much depth in his kick-slide, but is active with his feet and keeps them going after engaging. Works hard to get out in space and secure blocks in the screen game. Played on a team that often had their linemen working out of a two-point stance. Because of his height, isn’t quite the dominant run-blocker you’d imagine. Lets opponents win the leverage battle and falls off-balance more often than you’d expect. More likely to catch opponents than to fire into them low and drive them off of their spots. Hand placement is better in his pass sets than as a run-blocker. That said, has good grip strength to lock on and turn defenders out of the hole. However, is capable of executing different assignments in the run game, with an impressive work rate; more assignment-sound than he is a killer. Can block down and seal interior linemen inside, or chip a lineman and climb up to engage or obstruct opponents at the second level. Has more short-area quickness than expected given his size. A big, experienced career left tackle for a major program, he offers the type of football character and pass-pro technique teams look for in an offensive tackle, although he just an average athlete, comes with injury flags, and isn’t quite the dominant run blocker you’d expect given his size. May need to flip to the right side at the pro level, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if he ended up starting games somewhere.

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