OT Tyre Phillips, Mississippi St.

6’5” – 342 lbs.

Played just one season of football in high school. Originally attended East Mississippi Community College. Transferred to Mississippi St. and redshirted his first season, then rotated into the lineup at left tackle over thirteen games in 2018, playing over three hundred snaps. Became the team’s starting left tackle this past year, starting all thirteen games. Has adequate height and length for a pro offensive tackle, with arms which measured 34.25” at Senior Bowl weigh-ins; also possesses exceptional bulk, so he might be considered a candidate to convert inside to guard at the next level. Looks like one of the most naturally powerful offensive tackle prospects in this year’s senior class, something which allowed him to overcome some of his technical shortcomings. Inconsistent technique on a snap-to-snap basis, with balance issues that crop up frequently. Often gets the worst of it at the beginning of a play, only to recover his footing and outperform opponents on the second half of a snap. Capable of generating push when he locks onto opponents and gets his feet churning. Appears to have adequate grip strength when playing inside of his frame, but can struggle to get engaged. Has just enough short-area quickness to chip and climb; was also asked to pull on a limited basis. Bigger and stronger than he is nasty. Gets caught bending at the waist and ends up falling off of too many blocks. A little bit lighter on his feet than anticipated in pass protection, with his bulk making him difficult to get around for opposing speed rushers. Gets good extension with his arms to lock out opponents. Keeps his head on a swivel when unoccupied and has a powerful shove to knock opponents off-balance when helping. Can lapse into being more of a leaner rather than proactively shooting out his punch; occasionally, balance issues crop up which cause him to slip off of opposing defensive ends. Overall awareness in blitz pickup is still a work in progress. A prospect who might need to end up sliding inside to guard, where his frame and physical profile are better-suited, but who looks pretty advanced for someone who hasn’t been playing football very long. Still relies on his natural power, but there’s an element of quickness and flexibility to his game that is uncommon for someone with his size. Could end up developing into something if he improves his overall balance and plays within his frame.

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