DT Justin Madubuike, Texas A&M*

6’3” – 300 lbs.

Redshirted, then appeared in all thirteen games the following season, finishing with 20-2.5-0.0 and a blocked kick. Finished his sophomore season with a line of 40-10.5-5.5, then followed that up with a 45-11.5-5.5 line as a junior before declaring for the draft. Has solid overall size and bulk for a pro defensive lineman. Lined up at both defensive tackle spots on the team’s four-man line, usually in a four-point stance. Defensive scheme featured lots of two-gap principles. Pretty smooth player with fluid movement skills for the position, although he’s not the most explosive out of his stance and has a tendency to play too high. At his best, however, is able to get a good jump on the snap, stay low, and drive his legs to walk back opposing offensive linemen and reset the line of scrimmage with his bull rush. Would like to see him get more consistent extension with his arms, as he can tend to rely on his body too much and end up getting stuck on blocks or lose track of the ball. When he locks out opponents with his arms, flashes the ability to make tackles while engaged. Even on snaps where his technique isn’t perfect, does a good job of digging in and holding the point of attack as an interior run stuffer, demonstrating a strong lower body. Draws his fair share of extra attention from opposing offensive linemen. Was a pretty productive pass-rusher over the past two seasons, although as mentioned above, he’s smoother than he is explosive and doesn’t generate the type of consistent pressure his stats would seem to suggest. Typically relies on a power-based approach, mixing in a spin counter which is smooth but doesn’t have a lot of violence to it. Occasionally lines up as a five-technique and has impressive bend for a big man. Able to glide through stunts and gaps to put stress on opposing offensive linemen, but isn’t a major threat. Would like to see him work on using quickness to shoot gaps at the line of scrimmage more often, as he flashes the agility and footwork to squeeze through and generate pressure at times. Ultimately, probably needs to integrate more moves and counters into his game, as he has a relatively straightforward and predictable approach on passing downs. A productive two-year starter with solid size and power, he’s been getting his share of second-round hype but will need to do a better job of using his arms and hands, develop additional rush moves, and improve his snap-to-snap consistency and awareness as a run defender in order to justify that type of draft position.

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