OG Netane Muti, Fresno St.*

6’3” – 307 lbs.

Redshirted after injuring his Achilles in 2016, then started all fourteen games the following season. Was the team’s starting left tackle for the first two games of his sophomore season, but sustained a season-ending injury. Saw his junior campaign at left guard end after just three games due to a foot injury, then decided to declare for the draft. Has experience both outside and inside, but his build is clearly better-suited to working as a guard at the next level; would be shorter than almost any left tackle in the league. Has a thick, strong build. Plays with a very competitive, tough demeanor, getting physical with defenders and working through the whistle. Street fighter who has the natural power to win in the run game. Could stand to improve his overall hand placement but has a very strong grip to lock onto opponents and stick with them. Issues with balance crop up fairly often; has a tendency to get too aggressive and play outside of his frame, lunging or bending at the waist in an attempt to reach opponents. Does drive his legs after contact but tends to get too upright out of his stance, limiting the amount of push he’s able to generate; consequently, ends up being more of a wall-off blocker. Offensive scheme didn’t call for him to pull too often, and appeared to have some trouble lining up opponents in space. Can be a little bit of a leaner in pass protection, and his overall base is inconsistent; tends to coast on his natural lower-body strength instead of bending his knees, getting in his seat, and keeping his legs apart. That said, was able to absorb opposing bull-rushers during the games reviewed, avoiding being walked back into the pocket. Has a tendency to lower his head and let defenders cross his face. However, does a good job of placing his hands high and inside, and when he uses proper technique, appears comfortable sliding and mirroring against opponents trying to penetrate the gaps to either side of him; lateral quickness is solid. Exhibits a very powerful shove to knock defenders off-balance. A thick, strong, physical lineman with some starting experience at both tackle and guard, but who has major durability concerns and whose overall balance, leverage, and technique leaves something to be desired. There are some starting traits to his game, but he will need time to develop and might slip into the third day.

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