QB Jacob Eason, Washington*

6’6” – 227 lbs.

Five-star recruit who originally attended the University of Georgia. Started twelve games there as a freshman, finishing with 2,430 yards (55.1%), 16 touchdowns, and eight interceptions, the ended up getting injured in the season opener the following season, losing his starting job to Jake Fromm. Transferred to Washington, sitting out the 2018 season, then threw for 3,132 yards (64.2%), 23 touchdowns, and eight interceptions as a junior before declaring for the draft.Really looks the part, with outstanding size and bulk for a pro quarterback. Unlike most of the other top quarterback prospects, was asked to work from under center fairly regularly, with a lot of play-action passing out of those looks. Methodical pocket passer. Looks like a pretty pro-ready quarterback from a mental standpoint, having gone through progressions and generally making good decisions with the ball, although he can occasionally get too confident in his arm and attempt very difficult throws into tight coverage. Could stand to clean up his footwork a little bit when dropping back, but looks pretty light on his feet in the pocket. Has a high, quick release with excellent arm talent; many of the team’s passes came within ten yards of the line of scrimmage, but was regularly asked to throw out toward the sidelines. Capable of zipping passes into tight windows or making throws out toward the sidelines; gets outstanding velocity and a tight spiral on his throws, although at times he could stand to ease up a little bit and pass with more touch. Can really stick the ball on receivers running slants, hitches, and other short patterns over the middle of the field, which is where his outstanding arm strength is really evident. Able to drop his arm angle when dealing with congestion. Flashes the ability to look off safeties, step into a clean pocket, and drop beautiful throws into buckets deep downfield. However, would like to see him transfer weight more consistently, as accuracy issues can crop up when he throws off of his back foot or from a narrow base, forcing his receivers to make adjustments which limit yards after the catch. Has some ability to pirouette away from pressure to his left and make throws off-base, but it would be nice to see him reestablish his foundation on those throws, and play a little bit more conservatively against pressure; not a major threat to pick up yardage with his feet, as he is essentially a pure pocket passer. Might have the best pure arm talent in this year’s class, with excellent size and experience in more of a pro-style scheme than many of the other quarterbacks in the class. Those traits could make him a first-round pick.


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