TE Cole Kmet, Notre Dame*

6’5” – 250 lbs.

Saved eight games as the closer for the Irish baseball team as a freshman, also appearing in thirteen games for the football team. Caught 15-162 as a sophomore, then stepped into a major role this past year and went 43-515-6 (12.0) before declaring for the draft. Has solid size for a modern tight end, with good size and adequate bulk; looks like he has the frame to handle additional weight if desired. Takes snaps as an inline tight end, but also as a flex option/H-Back; occasionally stands up in the slot. More of a smooth and flexible athlete than an explosive one, but has adequate top-end speed. Runs a lot of shallow crosses, banana routes, and other patterns designed to get him into soft spots against zone coverage; could sink his hips a little bit better, but is able to glide through patterns without noticeably slowing down. Not a major threat down the seams versus man coverage because of his lack of ideal speed, but works in a good swim move to slip by some second-level defenders and create windows against zone. Uses use his physicality to create a little bit of separation at the route stem on shorter patterns against man coverage. Able to snatch the ball away from his frame, with a solid catch radius, impressive body control, and reasonable hands. Demonstrates good concentration to hold onto passes through contact. Very effective after the catch, with a physical approach to bounce off of would-be tacklers and lower his shoulder to fight for additional yardage after contact; has enough strength to drag smaller defenders. Does a good job of positioning himself as a pick man without drawing penalties. Gives good effort as a blocker; was occasionally retained in pass protection, but more often helped out in the run game. Technique in pass sets looks pretty good. Willing to get physical with opponents, getting good extension with his arms and flashing the ability to seal defenders by attacking their outside shoulder. However, would like to see him be the aggressor more frequently, as he has a tendency to let opponents jolt him on contact, forcing him to try and recover later on. Leverage and hand placement are inconsistent. A big, smooth, and physical tight end with pretty natural receiving skills, he is capable of lining up all over the formation and handling every-down responsibilities, although it would be nice to see him add more bulk and strength in order to improve his blocking. Could be the first tight end selected.

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