TE Hunter Bryant, Washington*

6’2” – 239 lbs.

Started five of nine games played as a true freshman before sustaining a season-ending injury; went 22-331-1 (15.0) in that campaign. Got injured during the offseason and was limited to just five games the following year (11-238-1). Got healthy for his junior year and posted 52-825-3 (15.9), ending up as a Mackey Award finalist before declaring for the draft. Flex tight end whose size is just adequate for that role. Lined up primarily as an H-Back in college, but did also take some snaps split out and as an inline option out of a three-point stance; however, isn’t likely to get any looks as an inline option at the next level. Very good athlete who shows some explosiveness out of his stance and accelerates quickly, with impressive top-end speed; able to threaten opponents down the seam and create mismatches against some linebackers. Runs routes to different levels of the field; catches tunnel screens, dig routes, curls, crosses, and other patterns. Does a good job of sinking his hips into the route stem. Not the biggest target, but is able to pluck the ball away from his frame; made some concentration drops during the games reviewed, but technique itself looks solid. Flashes the ability to adjust and hang onto passes in tight coverage. Pretty dangerous after the catch; able to weave through traffic, with enough speed and shiftiness to rack up yards after the catch on tunnel screens or when given one-on-one opportunities against opposing defenders. Was rarely retained in pass protection, but flashes the short-area quickness to get in the way and wall off opponents as a run blocker. Able to come in motion and successfully engage defenders. At times, does a good job of bending at the knees, keeping his back straight, and extending his arms into opponents. However, overall effort and physicality as a blocker can leave a little bit to be desired; shows some competitiveness early, but often looks like he’s going through the motions as the snap progresses rather than fighting to sustain through the whistle. Lacks functional strength to generate push and because of issues with his anchor and balance, ends up on the ground more frequently than usual. A flex/H-Back prospect whose size or blocking ability won’t blow anyone away, but who has rare speed and athleticism for a tight end, traits which may make him a second-day pick in the modern league. Oversized receiver type who’s not quite as freaky as 2017 first-rounder Evan Engram, but is another player in that same mold and looks like he’ll be able to contribute in the passing game sooner rather than later.

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