TE Thaddeus Moss, Louisiana St.**

6’3” – 249 lbs.

Father is the greatest wide receiver of all time. Originally attended North Carolina St., starting three games and finishing with a line of 6-49-1. Sat out the following season while transferring, then redshirted in 2018 after dealing with foot injuries. Set LSU’s single-season records for receptions and receiving yards this past year, finishing with 47-570-4 (12.1) before declaring for the draft. A little bit on the short side for a pro tight end, but has a thick build; looks like he might be a little bit on the softer side, though. Sort of an oversized receiver who often lines up split out wide or in the slot, but also takes snaps as more of an H-Back; rarely lines up in a three-point stance as a traditional inline option and may lack the size for that. Top-speed doesn’t really stand out but is a smooth mover who has some nuance to his routes; does a good job of releasing at the line against press, works in head-fakes at the route stem, and has some snap to create throwing windows for timing-based throws, sinking his hips well. Often positioned as a safety valve underneath but also runs a lot of his patterns to the intermediate level of the field; can make an outside release and head down the seams, but also runs a lot of in and out routes and will occasionally run shallow crosses over the middle. Reliable target who offers a pretty solid catch radius and soft hands. With the ball in his hands, demonstrates good physicality to fight for additional yardage, getting low into contact and working in what looks like an effective stiff arm. Not retained in pass protection frequently, and his run blocking can leave something to be desired at times as well. A physical player who gives good effort, but doesn’t have as much contact strength as his size would suggest and can be overwhelmed on occasion by opposing defensive ends. Would like to see more consistent leverage and extension in order to make the most of the effort he puts into that area of the game. Does, however, flash the ability to wall off the edge at times from the H-Back position. A better route-runner than most tight end prospects, his attention to detail when releasing and at the route stem are impressive, and he presented Joe Burrow with a lot of easy throws underneath this past year, not all of them recognized. Teams looking for a smooth flex tight end could do worse than considering him on the second day of the draft. Made a good decision to come out since he’s already getting a lot out of his tools.

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