WR Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona St.

6’1” – 206 lbs.

Didn’t post any statistics until his junior year, a season in which he caught 33-474-3 (14.4) while also returning some kicks and punts. Reprised both roles as a senior and went 65-1,192-8 (18.3), also returning one punt for a touchdown. Well-built receiver with adequate height and a thick, strong build. Usually lined up split out wide to the left side of the formation, but would move into the slot as well. Volume receiver who got some manufactured touches in the screen game and so on. Ran routes to all three levels of the field, primarily the short and intermediate levels, and puts some effort into his patterns. Is capable of releasing at the line of scrimmage, and sinks his hips going into breaks, although he’s more smooth than explosive and doesn’t generate a lot of separation, forcing him to make catches in traffic. Served as a deep threat in college but it’s unclear whether he has the speed to do so in the pros, so his workouts will be very important. Hands were a mixed bag during the games reviewed. Flashes an impressive catch radius because of his length, but saw too many high but catchable throws slip through his hands, mostly on slants, although he did demonstrate the ability to maintain inside positioning on such patterns. Physical, competitive receiver who flashes the toughness to make contested catches in traffic, something which may be important considering that he is not one of the most explosive receivers in the class; overall athleticism is closer to average. With the ball in his hands, can be difficult to bring down. Has some shake in the open field, but primarily gains yards because of his ability to run through arm tackles and bring defensive backs along for the ride to pick up a few more after contact. In the return game, has impressive vision to find creases and pick up gains; scored his sole return touchdown against Oregon St. this past year. Decent blocker who can also set picks in the passing game. Flashes the ability to get his arms extended and engage defenders with technique, but doesn’t always look like he’s going at full speed in the run game and can resort to head fakes instead of getting physical. Had a very productive season this past year and his background in the return game will help his cause, but there are some other inconsistencies which may relegate him to being more of a third-day value. Looks like he’ll go somewhat higher, on the second day, if he tests well.

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