WR CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma*

6’2” – 191 lbs.

Has been a major contributor since his first season with the Sooners, a year in which he went 46-807-7 (17.5). Saw his production escalate to 65-1,158-11 (17.8) as a sophomore, and did even better as a junior, finishing with 62-1,327-14 (21.4). A tall, lanky receiver who typically lines up split out wide to the left of the formation, but moves around fairly often. Was the team’s leading receiver this past year, but there are stretches where he didn’t seem too involved, only to break out with a big play later on. Runs routes to all three levels of the field, possessing very good speed to challenge defenses over the top. Although it seems somewhat strange given his frame, also takes snaps down in the slot and is willing to work the middle of the field a little bit at the intermediate/deep levels. Can also use his speed to set up back-shoulder throws at the intermediate level. Plays with some physicality when releasing against press-man coverage; good footwork to get off the line. Works in some stutter-steps to break down defenders going into the route stem; otherwise, is capable of gliding through his routes without shifting down. Settles into soft spots in zone coverage. Can work across the field while staying inside/underneath opponents to create windows. Very flexible player who tracks the ball well over his shoulder and is capable of making adjustments in the air. Has a wide catch radius and can pluck the ball away from his frame. A good enough leaper to climb the ladder and create vertical passing/goal line opportunities. Was fed the ball most often through screens. Looks very dangerous with the ball in his hands; accelerates smoothly, finds lanes, and has good top-end speed when working in space. Has enough shake to make defenders miss in the open field, and can hit home runs with his speed when he finds an open lane. Willing to lower the shoulder and get a little bit physical to finish plays. Also returned punts. Gives solid effort and plays pretty physically as a blocker, although he doesn’t have the most consistent contact strength/balance. For a prospect who’s been getting some top-ten hype, is actually a little bit difficult to evaluate because while he has excellent physical and athletic tools, he requires somewhat more imagination to project to the next level than some of the other top receiver prospects, much of his production coming after the catch on screens and other such patterns. Because he possesses number-one receiver traits, however, it seems like someone will take a chance on him in the first round.

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