WR Denzel Mims, Baylor

6’3” – 215 lbs.

Caught four passes as a freshman, then broke out the following year, catching 61-1,087-8 (17.8). Followed that up with 55-794-8 (14.4) as a junior, then rebounded as a senior with 66-1,020-12 (15.5). Very tall, long-limbed receiver who checks all of the boxes in terms of size; does appear to be a little bit on the lanky side, but functional strength is good. Lines up as the team’s split end, typically but not exclusively on the left side of the formation. Route tree consists primarily of hitches, curls, crossing patterns, back-shoulder throws, posts, and go routes. Doesn’t have the quickest or cleanest footwork when releasing against press coverage, but is a pretty good hand-fighter at the line. Has enough speed to challenge defenses downfield, eating up cushions quickly against off-coverage; however, doesn’t generate a ton of separation in most of his patterns, being more of a glider than an explosive athlete. When working over the middle of the field, does a good job of maintaining inside positioning to shield defenders from the ball. Shows some nuance on stop-and-go routes downfield, creating leverage and using his frame to keep defenders in his hip pocket. Most impressive traits as a receiver are his body control and ability to adjust to throws away from his frame; one of the most effective targets in the class when it comes to bringing in back-shoulder throws. Flexible receiver who’s able to pirouette and snatch throws, even against tight coverage. Does a great job of snatching the ball away from his frame, with a very big catch radius and pretty reliable hands. Can go low and scoop low passes from the ground, with good concentration. Demonstrates good awareness of the sidelines to get a foot in when running down the boundary. One of the best blocking receivers in this year’s class. Attacks opposing defensive backs with aggression and physicality, getting his arms extended and doing an excellent job of positioning himself as a wall-off blocker. Contact explosiveness is very good. Capable of driving opponents off of their spots or using his upper-body strength to generate torque and sling them to the ground. Works hard to line up opponents when stalking, and to sustain blocks through the whistle.  Has some of the most impressive tape of any receiver in this year’s class, with an excellent combination of size, length, flexibility, body control, and physicality. Looks like a potential future starter at split end who could come off the board within the first couple of rounds.

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