WR Jalen Reagor, Texas Christian*

5’11” – 195 lbs.

Has been an important contributor since his first season with the Horned Frogs, one in which he went 33-576-8 (17.5). Enjoyed his most productive campaign as a sophomore, posting 72-1,061-9 (14.7), then went 43-611-5 (14.2) this past season before declaring for the draft. On the smaller side for a pro receiver, although he did take snaps outside at the college level. Was used all over the formation; would be split out wide, in the slot, or come in motion in order to catch swing screens or run reverses. Didn’t face a lot of press-man coverage during the games reviewed, and it’s fair to wonder how well he’ll be able to release against some of the bigger and more physical pro cornerbacks. Eats up cushions in a hurry, and exhibits some snap and explosiveness at the route stem. Has impressive acceleration and the ability to weave through traffic with the ball in his hands, which is why he was often targeted on underneath throws or fed via sweeps designed to get him opportunities to work with the ball in space. Is a legitimate deep threat given his excellent top-end speed, and that’s what allows him to get those easy catches underneath on hitches, curls, screens, and so on; bread-and-butter down the field is a little out-and-up which features good head movement to create separation. When targeted down the field, demonstrates excellent body control when adjusting to throws; see his two outstanding catches against Oklahoma St. this past season. Capable of bringing in passes away from his frame but obviously doesn’t have the widest catch radius despite what looks like good leaping ability. At the pro level, will need to further diversify his route tree, as it’s a little bit unbalanced at this point in his development; really only goes deep, runs those shorter routes, and works in the occasional in route. Feel against zone coverage when working over the middle of the field leaves a little bit to be desired as well; will cruise into congestion. Doesn’t contribute much as a blocker in terms of power, but flashes good effort to lock onto opponents and sustain once engaged; overall results are inconsistent at best, however, and there are some snaps in which he doesn’t successfully line up and engage someone. Also scored a couple of touchdowns on punt returns this past season. Burner who’s considered a possible first-round pick, but that’s not necessarily assured given his relatively simple offensive role, lack of ideal size, and iffy production this past season.

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